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His music was some of the best early 80s electronic funk but not electro-funk! European Journal of Cultural Studies. Grace Jones - Pull up to the Bumper Such a great instrumental arrangement and her singing is of course stellar. Right now, I'm listening to "Weekend" by Phreek on the Levan comp. Cerrone - Supernature

'When we met it was like a parallel universe. We both cooked, and we were born hungry'

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Having grown up with dance music and DJ mixing always around I was born in , I sometimes forget these things must've totally blown many people's minds back in the day. So it feels very much designed for the dance floor, it's doesn't really have a pop song structure IMO. Electro isn't always disco. As a logistics-fixing first assistant director and locations manager he worked on various TV programmes and films, including several Harry Potters. I always thought this was the best Gees song but I ended up placing two higher one of which I wouldn't've picked at all had I twigged to The Tavares in time.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON! The GRAND ILM DISCO POLL results are revealed!

Okay, Ain't No Mountain is truly magnificent - I didn't know it before, but it would've made a worthy no. The song has close to beats per minute, and chest compressions per minute are recommended by the British Heart Foundation,[5] and endorsed by the Resuscitation Council UK. Like Ned would have while enjoying Slowdive ;. That song by Jamie Woon from a couple of years ago gave it more than a passing nod. Not surprising, considering its roots. A couple of other big hits from that epoch that give me the same giddy, bursting-with-joy helium buzz:. So, as the show progressed, we wiggled further away from dead centre, finally ending up against the wall on the right hand side, by the exit tunnel to the smoking area.
There are some duplicates on that Spotify list, where the full length versions are only available in the UK. If anything I thought it would place higher here. So he wanted you to swallow? Helen, year-old woman, southwest, our emphasis. I've never known the title or the artist but this is a classic of course, especially that chorus.
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